Judging Seminar

RRR Judging Seminar July 31, 2016 Certainly not a stellar turnout. Our group turned into an intimate interchange of ideas, experiences, problems and solutions.  Something we wouldn’t be possible with a larger group.  It should be mentioned that our guest moderator, Ray Fischer had come prepared for all eventualities. Ray …

2016 Tricky Tray Auction Review

Tricky Tray Night St. Patrick’s Day festivities did not deter a respectable showing of club members participating in Tricky Tray Night at …

Model Car Show

Model Car Show at February Club Meeting Story and photos by Jay Raskin A wide range of classic automobiles were on display …


Winter Gathering Recap

Mother Nature graced us with a beautiful, mild afternoon for our event.  Assorted appetizers, salad, and a choice of either steak, chicken …