Raritan River Region 15th Anniversary Cruise

Raritan River Region

15th Anniversary Celebrations

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Burger King Parking Lot

June 9, 2017

If you live in New Jersey and don’t like the weather, wait a minute. It will change.  On June 9, 2017 all weather changes were for the better.  As the sun set, the temperature did dip, but not precipitously.  A cooling breeze help to “air” condition our cruisers.

It seems someone in the Raritan River Region said to stress quality, not quantity; that’s exactly what happened.

From Long Island, braving the horrific traffic jams on the Belt Parkway, Always smiling, always congenial, Artie Koestner drove in style in an immaculate 2006 CTS.  Tom Borge, individualistic as usual, displayed his unique 1977 Ford Pinto, gas tank intact.  No long distance award, but with plenty of grace and style, Bob Rankin arrived with “Miss Daisy”, his 1955 Series 62 Sedan.  Following Bob, with no less aplomb, Andrew Monahan maneuvered “Maybelline”, an elegant 1963 Series 62 coupe.  Next on the list is Ken Clayton.  Bucking reverse-flow shore traffic all the way, his 1988 Brougham looked regal pulling in the parking lot.

Also from points south, the Nachman family arrived. David (Dad) drove his super-original 1960 Cadillac Deville.  It seems like yesterday that his sons always rode with him.  On June 9, son Ryan drove a sexy 1968 convertible (top down, of course).  Son Adam, conservative as always, drove a 2006 DTS.  The local neighbor award goes to Ahmed Mubarek and his stylish 1970 DeVille (you know, one of the ones that always need a space and a half to come to rest).  Also in the big car, big trunk category was Ted Mandalakas.  Ted barely made it after an encounter with “Air Force 1”, not to mention it’s esteemed passenger.  Ted’s almost flawless 1964 Convertible shimmered in the late day sun.

In the old timer’s category (cars & drivers) was Bernie Cooney with his perennial favorite, Ike, a 1953 series 62 sedan. But all the hoopla, all the glamor, all the razzle dazzle, the jewel of the parking lot was Jeremy Weiss, who “just picked up” a blue 1953 Eldorado.  Well played, Jeremy.

Maureen (the last of the Moonglow Cruiser), was thrilled as was the other cruisers and on-lookers. All too soon the sun set.  Years from now, this event will quality as “The good old days”

It is interesting to note that this event re-creates (as much as possible) our organizational meeting. Of all the cars present that day, only three were available for this historic event:  Bob Rankin’s 1955 Series 62 Sedan, Bob Rankin’s 1963 Series 62 Coupe and Bernie Cooney’s 1953 Series 62 Sedan.  These three cars, just like the CLC region they represent, have brought untold pleasure for the past 15 years.

Bernie Cooney