Model Car Show

Model Car Show at February Club Meeting

Story and photos by Jay Raskin

A wide range of classic automobiles were on display at our February 19th club meeting, and in this case, the road and weather conditions played no part in their owners’ decision to take them out of their comfortable homes.  This was the night of our annual model car show, and a great many beauties were there to behold.

At this well-attended event, we saw Greg Roser’s collection of Avon car and truck after shave bottle cars, which is quite unique. Last year, Greg displayed movie and TV cars, and claims he has enough various car models to populate our next ten shows, and there is no reason to doubt that.

Nick Medici brought along a car trailer loaded with cars, including an old Caddy. John Quattrocchi displayed an attractive variety of cars, featuring a beautiful red 1953 Eldorado which his wife (the car’s owner by title) permitted him to take on the road.  Marianne and Doug Mathewson brought a beautiful assortment of classic Cadillacs.  Bob Rankin brought 16 beauties from his collection.  Bob Crimmins, a ‘model’ citizen, had a great assortment of Caddies and classic non-Caddies, many with amazingly finely detailed features.

Ken Clayton brought along a very nice variety of Cads and non-Cads. Rosemary Spicuzza and Andrew Monahan displayed three Cadillacs parked in front of a photo of Mickey’s Diner.  George Maslow had a fine display of assorted cars on hand, with the tastiest one being a solid chocolate 1971 or ’72 Caddy Eldorado which George received in the early eighties.  Although the car currently has a gold finish, George says it was originally white chocolate. The car is still in its original wrapper, and is unlikely to ever be consumed after all this time, which is just as well!

Rich Nalavany brought a couple of Caddies to our show, a ’47 and a ’49. Ted Mandalakis created an attractive display of mostly Cadillacs along with a GM Motorama coffee table book.  Bernie Cooney brought a richly-colored yellow school bus (without passengers).  Mary and Jeff Hookway had a great collection of Matchbox and other collectible autos, all within the Professional Car theme.  Yours truly brought out my white ’53 Eldo, plus a few other smaller-scale Cadillacs.

El Jefe, Jeff Montogmery, had a beautiful collection on display, with my favorite being a ’58 Eldorado Seville Police car. The car must be from the Beverly Hills Precinct.

All in all, a very impressive array of classic automobiles! Many thanks to all the members who brought their valuable collectibles out on this memorable evening!


Another Bob Crimmins Car Bernie Cooney's School bus Bob Crimmins Car Collection Bob Crimmins Bob Rankin Bpb Crimmins with Rolls Royce Doug and mary ann Mathewson George M. George Mazlow solid chocolate car from early 1980s-71 or 72 Eldo George Mazlow Georrge M-cars Greg Roser Avon After Shave car and truck bottles-1 Greg Roser Avon After Shave car and truck bottles-2 Hookway Collection IMG_0764 Jay Raskin 1953 Eldorado Jay Raskin Collection Jeff Montgmery=1958 Eldorado Police Car Jeff Montogmery John Q cars John Q. collection featuring 1953 Eldorado Ken Clayton Nick Medici car trailer Rich N Rosemary and Andrew Ted Mandalakis