Judging Seminar

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July 31, 2016

Certainly not a stellar turnout. Our group turned into an intimate interchange of ideas, experiences, problems and solutions.  Something we wouldn’t be possible with a larger group.  It should be mentioned that our guest moderator, Ray Fischer had come prepared for all eventualities.

Ray is an experienced judge and an old car guy. Nowadays, at AACA National Meets you’ll see him spending time with Race Cars, one of his many passions.  He has amassed over 200 AACA judging credits, which testifies to his knowledge and acumen of the judging field.  There was time for a few vignettes of his storied experiences.  Good Judging experiences, Bad Judging experiences.  We all smiled when he mentioned a race car presented for judging.  It was  a beautiful machine.  Unfortunately the motor had no pistons.

Dan Espy, or Assistant Chief Judge, has had a few experiences with CLC National Judging, AACA National Judging, as well as local judging in many different arenas. Dan and Ray held intercourse that enriched the afternoon.  (It should be mentioned that Dan is working on a special computer program for judging records that is being instituted in our own judging realm.

Experienced judges Jeff Montgomery, Nick Medici and Bob Rankin benefited from the interchange and picked up a ton of information concerning a vast array of topics. Unfortunately there were no novice judges to receive a pleasant judging baptism.

Considering the light attendance, the parking lot showed some real gems. Thank you very much to Jeff Montgomery for exposing your 1976 Fleetwood Brougham D elegance to the element, Nick Medici testing your 1988 Eldorado Beritz and Bob Rankin for bringing you beautiful 1963 Series 62 coupe out on a day that, at best, was threatening.

Gold Coast will be here before you know it. That could be your chance to join one of the true joys of the old car hobby.  Judging work both ways:  it is instructional, to be sure.  But it is one of the best learning tools that a car club can offer.  If you have any questions about judging, contact Bernie Cooney dunbar53@optonline.net or call (732)629-7544.