Judging Seminar

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The RRRCLC held a judging seminar on August 19th for two hours.  The casual classroom seminar was presented by Dan Espy and was intended to present and explain the basics of the new CLC Judging Manual and how it compares and relates to our Regions’ own Judging Manual.  There were 7 club members in attendance and three of our members had recently returned from the CLC Grand National in Virginia and judged at that event using the new judging guidelines.


There was a lot of discussion about the new CLC Judging Manual, its guidelines and procedures. The group felt that our own RRRCLC judging policies were in line with the national albeit less specific.


An explanation of the changes in how awards were given at the GN was talked about. In past years when classes were judged the top three scores were given first through third prizes as long as the minimum score was achieved for the prize.  That meant that a person with a 92-point car (90 points are needed for a first place win) might not win anything.  That would happen if other cars scored 96, 95 and 93 points.  That policy was reviewed and deemed unfair by the judging committee.  The policy now is to award prizes based on the required score not just the highest score.  If your car scores at least 90 points you’re awarded a first place win.  Therefore several duplicate awards are possible. You’re not trying to outscore another car, just trying to achieve the required score.


At the Grand National all features and options are checked when the car is judged and points are deducted accordingly. Points are deducted for three reasons. An Authenticity deduction is for things that are not correct (wrong tires, non Delco battery etc).  A Workmanship deduction is for cleanliness or other things that the owner could easily maintain.  A Condition deduction is for an item that is bent, rusty not as new etc. although it may be clean.


It was strongly suggested that our Region should focus on authenticity (correctness) when judging. It is not just about the cleanest, brightest car but the most authentic one.  It is important that judging should always be based on the condition of the car when it was delivered to its first owner. Condition and point deductions are the decided by the judging teams, however points should be deducted for incorrect items.  Consistency is a must when judging.


It is suggested that you look at on line or purchase a CLC Judging Manual. It is full of useful information.  Our own Judging Manual is equally important and these two publications will help you in your judging journey.


I encourage all members to judge at any level.