Galloping Hill Cadillac Night


RRRCLC Cadillac Night at Galloping Hill

Story and photos by Jay Raskin

The Galloping Hill Cruisers once again graciously laid out the red carpet, consisting of 20-plus reserved parking spots for the RRRCLC, on Monday evening, August 22nd.  Although a similar event on our behalf was held on July 25th, rainy weather severely hindered overall attendance. It should be mentioned with great appreciation that our incredibly dedicated members from Long Island, Artie Koestner and Bill Estes, traveled in for the July 25th show, despite the rainy forecast.  Artie and Bill were awarded trophies for their cars on that first date, and they attended the August show as well.

August 22nd was one of those rare mid-August days of late, when the weather forecast showed nothing but sunny skies for the entire day and night, and the golden sunshine of late afternoon gave way to a very pleasant and comfortable evening.  Once the dark of night set in, all of our cars glimmered most attractively under the lights stationed around the parking lot.

The overall turnout, as might be expected on such a beautiful day, was an over-capacity crowd, with 25 total Cadillacs in attendance, a record number for Cadillac night at Galloping Hill. Our club members were most grateful for the hospitality and coordination of this event by our own Greg Roser, with an assist from John Quattrocchi, who helped direct the parking of our sizable land yachts.

I was fortunate to attend this wonderful event, with my ’56 convertible, and was honored to be awarded a trophy. Among the RRRCLC club members (and soon-to-be club members thanks to Greg and John Q’s recruiting efforts) in attendance with their cars were Greg and June Roser (‘90 Brougham d’Elegance), John & Pat Quattrocchi (‘77 Sedan DeVille), Chuck LePoidevin (‘91 Brougham), Jack & Isabel Lenhoff (Escalade), Ken Clayton (‘88 Brougham), Joe Manna was there with his beautiful Ford Coupe, Joe Puleo (’59 Fleetwood, trophy winner), Bob Rankin (’63 Series 62 Coupe, trophy winner), Ralph Messina (’66 Eldorado), Bill Estes (‘90 Brougham), Artie Koestner (2008 DTS), Jay Taback (beautiful red ’48 Series 61 Sedanette), Mark Manuzza (‘73 Coupe DeVille), Manuel Zamuz (’59 Series 62 Coupe, trophy winner), George Ahto (’69 DeVille, trophy winner for Best-in-Show), Mike Vanco (’93 Coupe DeVille), Jason Benedict (‘85 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible), and Mary Campbell (’87 Brougham).

Other RRRCLC celebrities spotted attending this event were Andrew Monahan, Joe Riccio, Mark Russo, and friend of the club, Bob Marino. We all look forward to returning to Galloping Hill again next year!


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