Eastern Star

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Eastern Star Home


September 23, 2017


Isn’t the English language wonderful? We have visited Eastern Star Home for ten years.  Each visit becomes more and more enjoyable. Every year we come up with more superlatives to describe the visit.  Care to guess why that is?  It seems Eastern Star has a grip on their priorities.  The building is far from being brand new.  But as up-dates are needed, they apply their limited funds to the reason for their existence:  care of their residents.  Plus they are lucky to have a well – trained and caring staff that works together to care for their residents.


Planning for this show goes back to the beginning of the year. When we learned that the Bridgewater Library unceremoniously decided not to participate in the four visits we did in unison for the past many years, Eastern Star, led by Ann Marie LeMaire, immediately got on board with us. They respect our association with them; we respect them.  Eastern Star has no money for useless frills.  There is no limit to their wisdom in providing a memorable and meaningful experience for not only their residents, but also for members for the two car clubs that give freely of their time.


The best lunch you can get (in air conditioned comfort, on linen table cloths, no less), 1st 2nd and 3rd place prizes were awarded for cars the residents liked the best, tells us they appreciate our visit.  Congratulations go to Bob & Margret Graham for their 1931 Ford Phaeton, a perennial favorite.  Also to Bernie Cooney (an annual favorite), 1953 Cadillac and George Maulbeck (the new kid on the block), 1955 Ford Thunderbird.


Sharing the limelight on a cloudless day were:  Bob & Margaret Graham, 1965 Chevolet, Brian Graham, 1931 Ford (T) Phaeton, Kirk Judkins, 1923 Ford; Robert Houdak, 1939 Ford; George Maulberg, 1955 T-Bird; Abe & Ann Platt, 1988 Cougar; Larry Solomayer, 1969 Ford; Frank & Lia Figorotta, 1951 Chevrolet; Robert Rankin, 1955 Cadillac;  Bernie Cooney, 1953 Cadillac; Ken Clayton, 1988 Cadillac; and Jay Raskin, 1956 Cadillac.


Special thanks go to Abe Platt, cameraman extrodinaire.

The surprise of the day came from Ken Clayton, Church organist. Ken was coerced into playing a tune or two on an out-of-tune piano off in the corner. To everyone’s surprise, instead of playing liturgical masterpieces, Ken loosed his collar and played a couple of Scott Joplin rags.


Bernie Cooney,