Dust Off Breakfast

Raritan River Region

15th Anniversary Celebration

Spring Dust-off

HomeTown Buffet, Edison NJ

April 2, 2017


Andrew Monahan knew it would be a fun event. Very early in our club’s history we met at the Seville Diner on Route 18 in East Brunswick, at Andrew’s request.  It was a celebration of the imminent  end of winter and the welcoming of spring.  The food was good, the service was good and many of our young group we in attendance.

Fast forward to 2017. Our 15th anniversary year.  Andrew’s Dust-off has moved to HomeTown Buffet in Edison.  And the Dust-off  is still a fun event.  The question is:  why is it fun?  All-you-can-eat breakfast at a reasonable price gives one a clue of what is happening.   But there is more fun to our event than merely food.  The answer to the conundrum is actually easy to figured out. Where else do you get a chance to enjoy breakfast with 40+ of your best friends?  Smiles are the order of the day.  Plus our friends from North Jersey, Long Island, and even AACA’s New Jersey Region, come and have a good time.

After one’s appetite is sated, the fun continues. What a spectacular bonus, kicking tires in the parking lot after dining.  We get to see how much progress our friends have made with their restorations.  We get to see how well our friends are preserving their pride & joys.  Who has a new purchase to show off?  It is like a never-ending celebration.

A sincere thank you goes to the following car enthusiasts who are the crux of our good time:

Kurt Fritsch, Ted Bank, Frank Fritsch, Bernie Cooney, Artie Koestner, Gregory Roser, June Roser, John Quattrocchi, Patricia Quattrocchi, Andrew Zizolfo, Steve Krekgon, Ken Wiebke, Jeff Montgomery, Bob Crimmins, Doug Lansing, Roger Labatt, Jeff Hookway, Mary Hookway, Ray Koziol, Bill Estes, Liz Estes, Jack Lehnhoff, Isabel Lehnhoff, Lou Filardo, Nick Medici, Bob Rankin, Rob Harriman, Lois Harriman, Joe Puleo, Joe Riccio, Bob Marino, Jay Raskin, Jim Mattern, Abe Platt, Ann Platt, Roy B. Garretson, Michael Cascio, Ted Mandalakis, Julie Mandalakis, Michael Capeto, Andrew Monahan, Andrew Monahan (the younger), Ralph Messina, Tony Alberella, Cindy Albarella, Veronica Alberella.

Will next year be as much fun as this year?? Time will tell


4980 Isabel and Jack Lenhoff
4981 Artie Koestner came a long way for breakfast. He said it is worth the ride.
4982 part of the Long Island contingent
4983 Bill Estes’s t-shirt says it all
4984 I’m hungry!!
The Long Island Contingent: They know where good food it!
June and Greg Roser: a pair that will be any 3 of a kind
John and Patricia Quattrocchi are enjoying the festivities
That’s Abe Platt. Hay Abe, you gonna buy a Caddy?
Joe Riccio makes a rare Sunday morning appearance
Lois Harriman enjoys her breakfast
Joe Puleo take time out from his busy schedule
Mary Hookway is thankful for the spring thaw
Jeff Hookway’s 4 wheel drive goes anywhere
Julia Mandalakis takes dad, Ted, out for breakfast
Cindy Albarella takes hubby, Tony, out for breakfast
Veronica Albarella enjoys a bite with mom & dad
June Roser and hubby take a bow
Rosey is there somewhere
Albarella – mobile looks good!
Does that Cadillac have NY plates
Has anyone seen a Seville around?
The crowd has dispersed, so here’s Rosey!
More New York Cadillacs w/ CLC decals
Are those icycles hanging off that Honda SUV?
Lou Filardo’s Caddy looks pretty flashy
Mike Casio is grinning like the cat that ate the canary.
Nick Medici poses with his pride & joy.
Nick Medici poses with his pride & joy.
Is that a 1942 Caddy Limo? Roy Garretson says “yes” as he smiles
Jeff & Mary Hookway, Bob Crimmins and Nick Midici try to obscure Bob’s Brouham.
Bob Rankin’s car, “Miss Daisy” is enjoying a little sunshine.
1963 in all it’s glory, thanks to Rob & Lois
Jack Lenhoff’s Escalade know’s how to pose with admirers, Art & Jack

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