Chelsea and Avalon Nursing Home Tours


September 10, 2016

We’re not here to discuss the fickle nature of Mother Nature. Suffice it to say it was hot & humid.  Exceedingly humid.  We’re here to discuss the selflessness of quite a few old car people as they try to enjoy a day of rewards.  If that’s not our purpose, it certain is our result.  We visit Assisted Living Communities.  The residents are all well cared for.  The residents are lucky they can afford such care.  Still it is nice to do something special just for them. After all, these are the people who have done so much for us.

So off we scamper to Chelsea in Bridgewater. We park our cars in a pleasing array.  We have conversations:  Fellow club members we’ve known for years; fellow club members we’re just getting to know.  Before stomachs get a good chance to grumble we are invited to the air conditioned dining hall for a great breakfast.  While the heat and humidity boil up outside we dawdle over an extra cup of coffee.  This is dawdling at its finest.

After this cooling break, residents give awards to the cars they like best: first, second and third.  Then it is time to saddle up and proceed to our next stop:  Avalon Assisted Living.

At Avalon we line up nicely in their parking lot. They’ve done some work and have increased the size of the area where we display our cars.  The canopy that shields us from the brutal sun has been enlarged.  Built-in speakers play pleasant back-ground music.  Comfortable lawn furniture provides the crowning touch for outdoor living.  At Avalon we have a first class lunch.  Again we escape the heat while we dine.  While the residents look at our cars and reminisce, they vote for their favorites.  First, second and third get awards.  Then it is time for say enough heat & humidity for one day and carefully pilot our collector cars home.

There are quite a few people that must be thanked for today’s activities. First and foremost is Tom Fiduk who did all the work of coordinating with two different car clubs, four different assisted living communities (we’ll do this again in another two week!) and the Somerset County Library  at Bridgewater. Tom replaces Bob Allen, who recently retired.   Expertly assisting him is Karen Joho.  Chelsea’s activities director, Dorothy Pietrucia did a marvelous job of catering to a bunch of car people while entertaining her resident.  Avalon’s Kristi Martinez was as equally skilled at Dorothy.

Then a few more people to thank: members of both the New Jersey Region, AACA and their compatriots at the Raritan River Region, CLC:  Gail Stephens and Paul Semmbe brought their 1957 Ford TBird; Abe and Ann Platt arrived in their ’88 Mercury Cougar; Ken Clayton arrived in style in a 1988 Cadillac; LeRoy and Marlene Gearhart arrived in their trusty 1936 Ford; Bob Rankin displayed his 1955 Cadillac (Miss Daisey); Andrew Monahan brought a 1963 Cadillac series 62 coupe; Bob and Marge Graham brought their beautiful 1965 Chevrolet; Bernie Cooney rolled up in a 1953 Cadillac series 62; Jan Eyerman surprised one and all arriving in a 1969 Sunbeam’ Al Danner brought his ’68 Mustang; Marc Bernstein chose his bright red Pontiac Convertible (top down); Brian Pritchett and Sarah Fehley arrived in their flashy 1950 Oldmobile; Frank and Lia Figorotta droves their staid ’51 Chevy; Ray Majedes and Havey Frumpkin chose a 1968 Ford; George Maulbeck had his 1951 stylish Hudson; Brian Graham, 1931 Ford “A” Kirk Judkins, 1923 Ford “T”; Joe Janros, 1969 Mercur.

The winners were:


1st:  Brian Graham, 1931 Model “A” Ford

2nd, Gail and Paul, 1957 Ford T-Bird

3rd Al Danner, 1968 Mustang


At Avalon, the following were the winners:

1st Kirk Judkins, 1923 Ford “T”

2nd, Bernie Cooney, 1953 Cadillac

3rd, Marc Bernstein, 1975 Pontiac

It must be mentioned that the members of both the NJ Region, AACA and the Raritan River Region, CLC were real troopers of dealing with the excessive heat and humidity. Thank you, you’ve made a lot of people happy.

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