Cadillac House By Bernie Cooney

The Cadillac House

330 Hudson Street

Lower Manhattan, NY

For those of us who came of age a few years ago, advertising for Potamkin Cadillac was ubiquitous.  Even if you seldom or never visited Manhattan, you were in awe of this retail giant.

That was then, this is now. The Cadillac House, on Hudson Street is a unique venture, certainly worth investigating.  Unlike Potamkin, they won’t sell you a car.  They have other things on their mind.  This is a venue for artists, new and established.  As a matter of fact, everything about The Cadillac House is designed with design in mind.  Floor to ceiling support columns have floor to ceiling video screens, front and back.  Floor to ceiling glass doors admit one to an artistic, but comfortable space.  A total of four Cadillacs are on display.  Interspersed throughout this massive space are comfortable chairs and occasional tables.  You might go there to read a book, or the daily paper.

A permanent part of Cadillac House is Joe’s Coffee.  Rivaling Starbucks in price, Joe will fix one up with a little nosh for a weary traveler.  Further exploration brings you to an area for designer clothing as well as designer knick-knacks.  Everything screams of quality and art.  On our visit a dimly lit room lined with 11 video screens encourages one’s mind to wander.  The middle of the room has cushions where one could sit/lay/relax.

Getting into more mundane things, Cadillac House provides a solution for the perpetual dearth of restrooms in Manhattan.  Two separate chambers each for men and women, and a truly unusual community handwashing sink completes the experience.

On our visit, Concierge and Product Specialist, Heather Flora was able answer our questions and give us a better understanding of what Cadillac House is all about.  Featured that day was the art of Richard Avedon (1923 – 2004).  Mr. Avedon is known for his photography and for large prints.  Cadillac House seemed able to do his art justice.  In front of the building a puppy dog, patiently waiting for its owner, seemed to add to the total ambience of the experience.

Three of the four Cadillacs were “wired” so that one could also enjoy the Cadillac experience, play with the radio and dial.  If you are in lower Manhattan, this is a “must” destination.  Via subway from Penn Station, take the Broadway Local aka “1 train” to Houston Street, The Cadillac House is one city block away.