Burger King Cruise Night

Special Historic Cruise

Raritan River Region, CLC

Friday August 5, 2016


Friday, August 5, 2016 dawned relatively cool and certainly clear. There was no reason to doubt the weather forecast:  0% chance of rain.  Yeah, right.  By 3:00 pm our beautiful blue sky was almost completely covered by a layer of clouds.  And the weatherman still insisted:  NO RAIN!  Oh, ye of little faith, can you trust the weatherman, even once?  We trusting folks were rewarded with cloud cover that kept summertime  temps rather cool and comfortable for the evening.  A pleasant breeze, temps in the mid – 70s, what more could one ask for?

Ok, ok, I’ll tell you what else one could ask for: Six very interesting collector cars from the ‘50s & ‘60s and ‘70s. Not all Cadillacs, mind you, but all interesting.

The oldest of the group (I’m talking cars here!) was Bernie Cooney’s 1953 6219 Cadillac (aka “Ike”).  Next was Bob Rankin’s stately “Miss Daisy”, a 1955 Series 62 sedan.  We were all in for a treat when Andrew Monahan arrived with Bob Rankin’s ’63 series 62 coupe.  Passengers were a welcome sight:  Andrew Jr, and his friend Jake Eichman.  Back in the day “Little” Andrew (who is no longer little), and his sister Sharon were regulars at these events.  It was nice seeing Andrew Jr.  Now back to business.  They grow so quickly!  All eyes shifted to the “Cadillac” area when Ralph Messina pulled in with his 1966 Fleetwood convertible. It is a truly remarkable machine that Ralph can be proud of, as he did most of the restoration himself.  Chronologically next was Barbara and Dan Espe  making “an appearance” in their beautiful & original 1974 Eldorado. Barbara prefers to be a bit reclusive, but enjoyed her time of Cadillac Cruising.

There was nothing shabby about the non-Cads as well. Tom Borge treated one and all to view his original 1977 Ford Pino. It used to belong to a little old lady…  These cars got a bad rap a few years back, but Tom can testify his car is a joy to drive and always makes a statement when it appears at an event.

Rounding things out was Ted Mandalakis driving his freshly restored 1965 Chevy SuperSport. Some people just know how to live.

Two active members were on the disabled list and could not attend. Rich Nalavany is recovering from a recent illness and is still not ready to jump behind the wheel.  Ray Koziol continues to battle an infection.  We wish both a speedy recovery, and hope they can join us in our 15th anniversary Burger King Cruise.

Of note was the sight of some of the original crew. Ray Koziol’s absence has been noted. Andrew Monahan, Bob Rankin and Bernie Cooney, three of the founding four were on hand for the festivities.

A well – deserved thank you goes to the RRR members who took time from their busy schedules to enjoy a cloudy Friday evening with friends.  A special thank you goes to Maureen Crane, the last of the Moonglow Cruisers, for hosting a wonderful Friday for all her old (and new) car friends.