Brandywine and Eastern Star

Brandywine Assisted Living

Eastern Star Home

Let’s get the trivialities out of the way.  The day started off damp and cold and turned out dry and cool.  OK?  We had 20 beautiful collector cars (maybe a record?).  Tom Fiduk & Karen Joho  from the Library did an exemplary job of coordinating four facilities with two Antique car clubs.  .  Plain and simple.  The activities directors At Brandywine (Katy Hardy) & Eastern Star (Anne Marie LeMaire) are extremely successful in their occupation.

So here’s the nitty gritty, first and foremost:  If it wasn’t for these 20 cars and their passengers, there would have been no event

Before leaving Brandywine, and again before leaving Eastern Star, the residents’ favorite cars won prizes.  After all, it is because of the residents that we were there.  You couldn’t count the number of smiles there were, as a slew of well-tended seniors viewed cars that reminded them of the good old days.  Yes, we ate and ate and ate some more.  That was probably a little over-board, but fun at the time.

All modesty set aside, the real stars of the show were dedicated members of the New Jersey Region, AACA and Raritan River Region, CLC.  The list is long, and distinguished, so here it is:

NJ Resident and First Lady, Greg and June Roser, Abe Platt, Bob Rankin, Andrew Monahan, Bob & Margret Graham, George Maulberg, Brian Pritchett, Sarah Fehley, Jan Eyerman, Roger & Kathy Bagley, Frank & Lia Figorotta, Paul Semmler, Rich Nalvany, Al Gionta, Jerry Peck, Bernie Cooney, Brian Graham, Kirk Judkins, Larry Solomayer, and Steve Sclafani

Thanks to one and all. Here’s hoping you had a wonderful time and a safe ride hope.  For your efforts:  we’ve been invited back next year.

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