A Cadillac Christmas


There are special people in the Raritan River Region.  These are people who don’t think twice about going the extra mile.  One of these people is Greg Roser.  In addition to being a board member and secretary of The Galloping Hill Cruiser’s organization, he is President of the New Jersey Region, AACA.  He is also a loyal face at all of our regular meetings and most of our events.


When Greg does things, he does them in a big way.  An example is the Christmas Display at his home.  When Greg talks about putting up this display (a project that goes on for more than a month) he kept loosing count on how many lights he erected.  Greg’s home was featured – front page no less – in the local Scotch Plains/Fanwood times.


This is what Greg has to say about his handiwork:  There are in excess of 7500 lights.

In addition, a large number of the lawn ornaments were made by me from wood, including the carolers, the nativity, the 8 FT snowman and the twelve 4FT red/white candy canes lining the front walk. I also made the star at the peak of the front of the house.

The house has 1000 LED lights that simulate the look of the traditional large C9 outdoor Christmas bulbs. This will reduce my electric bill by 80%.The balance of the thousands of lights are on the bushes, trees, and lawn ornaments. There are two 150 watt equivalent LED flood lights also. I also have Christmas music playing continuously, but not too loud, softly as background music. This is a well – planned and well -orchestrated display that is put up with a lot of thought. Clark Griswold I am not, but I take those comments with a smile! When taken down, everything is coiled, tagged and labeled. Otherwise, it would be chaos.



Greg mentioned a recent trip to Joe Puleo’s Christmas Outlet was an eye-opening experience for him.  For those of us who haven’t been to National Tree’s Christmas sale, there are now words to describe its scope and impact.


Greg Lives at 83 Paterson Road in Fanwood.  It is certainly worth the ride.  Greg is also collecting for a charity that is near and dear to him: the New Jersey Institute for Disabled Children.  Greg says all are welcome to visit, bring the kids and the grandkids.


This appears to be a second thought, but it really isn’t.  One’s eyes and mind are busy with this splendid holiday display.  Demonstrated by the daytime photos is a depiction of a freshly painted house and trim, as well as landscaping that would challenge any palatial estate.  Nice job, Greg


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