2017 Judging Update From Bernie Cooney


When our judging program started, it was easy to become a certified judge for the RRR.  Over the years we’ve learned more about judge’s training.  We’ve learned the importance of proper training for our judges before they walk on the field, clipboard in hand.  A poorly trained judge can cause an immense amount of embarrassment in a relatively short time; embarrassment not only for the judge, but for our Region, as well.

As our judging program becomes more sophisticated, so do our judges.  In the good old days a judge could be certified by attending one seminar.  We’ve learned, over the years, it takes more training.  A judge, to earn a certificate, must actively judge a class on the field as an apprentice, working with trained judges.  Unless a judge starts off quite astute, more field experience is necessary.  Current thinking is one must judge at least three judged events to qualify for certification.




At the present time, a judge may be awarded a Raritan River Region Judge’s Polo Shirt and a certificate of accomplishment.  These awards may be presented at an off-season function or may be presented before a meet at a judging organization meeting.


Future for RRR Judges


As our judging acumen progresses we will start judging classes for original cars and for modified cars. The judges we have that are already knowledgeable in those fields will work with other field judges, keeping our judging knowledgeable in all areas of judging.

It used to be simple to become certified as an RRR judge. It is still not difficult.  Attend our yearly seminar(s), show up for the judge’s meeting before a judging event.  Bring your questions.  We’ll supply the answers.

Our judges are volunteers. That means they are not paid.  That is not because they are worthless, it is because they are priceless.