2016 Tricky Tray Auction Review

Tricky Tray Night

St. Patrick’s Day festivities did not deter a respectable showing of club members participating in Tricky Tray Night at our March 17th monthly club meeting.  As usual, all attendees stepped up to the plate, bringing a wide assortment of car books, magazines, automotive parts, collectibles and more to the table.  Shakespeare once wrote, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” however, in a sense, our members belied this advice by being both donors and purchasers of these auction items.

The photographs accompanying this article will attest to the generous donations that members contributed to this auction. In many cases, seemingly obscure auto parts found their way into the hands of members truly in need of them, so it was clearly a win-win situation for members and the club as a whole.  The books that were donated for auction included many highly-prized and beautiful editions of Cadillac and collector car publications.

Thank you to all members who participated in this event!


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